Frequently asked Questions

  1. How do I signup to use your platform?
  2. CommKit, our marketplace app is available in iOS (App store) and Android (Google play store). You can signup with your social media accounts or creating your own login.

  3. Is it available in my neighbourhood?
  4. We are focused on getting our passion economy platform fully developed to cover all 14 suburbs in Upper Hutt. It will soon get expanded across Wellington over next 12 months & rest of NZ over next 2 years.

  5. Do I have to sign up for each individual service?
  6. No. CommKit app would offer a single platform access to all services available in your neighbourhood. New services will be added regularly, as and when its available.

  7. Is there any restrictions on products that can be sold?
  8. Yes. Products or Services related to alcohol, gambling, drugs, Medicines, some cosmetics, & personal hygiene products are restricted. Refer your 'provider agreement' for detailed list of restricted items.

  9. Do I have to pay for the servcies?
  10. On CommKit, Consumer's just pay the listed price in cash directly to the Provider on delivery. We'll introduce options to pay by EFTPOS and Credit/Debit cards in future updates.

  11. How much should I have to pay?
  12. Just the listed price for each item. Please check and ensure the listed price and quantity fields before confirming an order.

  13. How do people pay me?
  14. As a provider on CommKit, consumers of your product or service would pay you directly by CASH. Refer your provider agreement' for more detils.

  15. What delivery options do we have?
  16. Pick up or Delivery are only two options. It required to be selected appropriately and agreed on between consumer and provider before confirming an order.

  17. What other products or Services in the works?
  18. Other than CommKit, we are also working on GardnKit, a garden automation solution, and ITKit, an one stop solution for all IT needs of small/medium businesses.